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Sculpture by The C Lyon


New Sculptures Added November 2003**

Homage to Rick Rescorla**
Homage to Father Mike** Homage to 2169289** Homage to Shoshoni** Homage to the Aborigines**
Homage to Survivors of Starvation** Homage to D-Day** Homage to Navajo** Homage to WTC**
Homage to McVay** Homage to Flight 93** Homage to Brotherhood** Homage to USS Liberty**
Nuclear Compassion Homage to JFK Nuclear Davits Nuclear Buttonbust
Nuclear Dead Centers Nuclear Fossil Fern Homage to Dr. Sonsire Nuclear Sizzle Stick
Nuclear Banjo Nuclear Hip Nuclear Longhorn Nuclear Punk Pump
Nuclear Fiddler Crab Nuclear Hellbender with Helmet Post Nuclear Skier Nuclear Black-Capped Gibon
Nuclear Big Brother Post Nuclear Deadens Nuclear Waste II Nuclear Well Wrench
Homage to Vietnam Vets Nuclear Holbein Stitch Nuclear Forceps Nuclear Shovel

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